Marina porto di Roma


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1 Feb 2004
Dear all,

we are considering many options for wintering our selfs and our boat . One is Porto di Roma. We would sail in by the end of September and stay stay there until middle of April 2006.
Experience, social life, price-cost,......? thanks for all replies.



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28 Jan 2004
Waiting to see if anybody replied with first hand experience for you. I made the same enquiry as you about one year ago and got mixed replies. Since then some friends spent Christmas and New year in Porto Di Roma. They said that the liveaboard activity was lively and friendly, prices reasonable and ver handy for getting into Rome. Downsides were that the immediate area around the marina is a bit dodgy and that the swell on their pontoon was very bad, breaking two of their warps. They moved on in mid Jan and did not feel inclined to return.

Have you considered Malta? We wintered there two years ago, partly in Valletta and partly in Gozo. Interesting place, marinas relatively cheap (but 30% surcharge applied to permanent liveboards so try to get away for some of the time to avoid this). Genuine liveboard crossroads in the Med with nice community; supplies limited as seasonal (no bad thing), weather good up to Jan then wettish; good, old fashioned chandlers.

Good luck!