Marina for sale



I notice Marina on the IOW is still for sale, what happend to the YBW forum consortium to buy it ?


Re: Looks like a done deal

According to the agent, a consortium has had an offer accepted and has the finances in place. A chap from said consortium called me at MBY and wanted us to put in a piece about how they're going to be offering berths for sale on a freehold basis. I gave him the phone number of our advertising department. He said he'd be in touch again when the deal is signed. Watch this space...


11 Jan 2002
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News has reached MBY of the latest goings-on at Island Harbour Marina IOW. Readers may recall that this was the subject of a takeover bid from a consortium of fat-cat city financiers.

A protest has been launched by the alternative "Peoples Choice" of seafaring types who have clubbed together to buy the marina, and dedicate themselves to the good of the marina and the local area, and hardly make any money at all, just like what Richard Branson pretends to do.

"All is not lost" said tcm. "Jfm is preparing some big stickers to slap all over island marina with legal stuff to make it look like it's sort-of been agreed to be sold already to make the other lot's bankers feel iffy. Masaccio has attempted to spoil the deal by driving into a big cars in North London, and should eventually get someone involved in the other bid. BarryD is taking an alternative action - buying as many boats as possible, reducing the market for selling freehold berths. Coliholic is preparing to chuck himself in the marina to stop construction work, and Haydn is planning to move his boat nearby to put everyone off with all-night organ recitals." Tcm is well-placed to assist, and has already sent his kids round to Downing Street with invite to large boat and donation cheque for £125grand.

The story continues.