Marclear anti-foul


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30 Sep 2001
Northumberland UK
Has anyone used it and can comment on whether it's any good ?
It's Spanish apparently, and complies with current regs.
It's for sale locally at about £45 for 2.5 ltrs.
Bye the way, how many tins for a Centaur (26ft) ?


First time anti-fouler.


Hi Tim
Yes. I have been using it for the last five years. It suddenly became hard to find ( usually found it at local boat jumble) but managed to trace it back to south coast, where they told me they had now taken over the rights and wre not distributing the same way. perhaps you could tell me where you found it.
Any way , for my use I'v found it excelent in the past and hope that the the new batch is as good. I have not come out of the water this winter ( sit in mud between tides) but what I can see seems ok. Regarding ammount required . My Moody 27 used one and a half tins for two good rolled on coats , so next time I get one tin and use the old half. Make sure you use a good paint stirrer , as all the copper sinks to the bottom.


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31 Dec 2001
I asked the same question a month or so back ( do a "search" ) and recieved a few answers but whilst everybody has heard of it not many people have been able to find somewhere to buy it, let alone find test reports. In the end rather than risk it I used Blakes again.. playing safe..

Re how much:- would say that a Centaur is a 2.5 litre boat. I used to do my 29ft fin keeler with that much,but applying 2 coats on the bow, along the waterline and keel and rudder leading edges.. Best to use one of those little radiater rollers on a longish handle.. dead easy approx 1 hour each side (unless you,re bilge keels, in which case do the nasty bit 1st.)

I always use the soft eroding variant, saves a build up and I simply pressure wash at the end of the sailing season and of comes the remaining A/F with any fouling. Regards Nick