Lofrans Kobra windlass - weird noise syndrome


13 Nov 2002
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Ever since I bought the boat 5 and a half years ago, the windlass has been noisy (both up and down). It made quite a loud whining, gearbox like noise when ever it was used. No other symptoms so I assumed this was normal. Now, it has suddenly started intermittently exhibiting a quiet mode when it runs almost silently. On a typical weighing, it will now run in noisy mode for about 16 seconds and then, after a pause to stack the chain (we have a small chain locker), it will run in quiet mode for about 8 seconds and then, after another pause for chain stacking, it will run in noisy mode again. Apart from the noise, there is no difference in the operation. It only ever swaps modes when stopped. I have checked that the oil level is correct. I can think of no rational explanantion so I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this or can offer an explanantion?