Lavac lavatory warning


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16 May 2001
On my Moody 42 ketch my wife and I decided that the two Lavac Zenith toilets from -77 with leaking seals, corroded hinges and ageing rings and lids, not to mention the, by scaling, half blocked pumps were due to some radical action.
When comparing the cost of all spares needed (basically everything except the bowls and pump handles) with two brand new Lavac Popular kits the decision was quite easy to make. For less than £ 80 extra we should get two shining and smart looking toilets. Great we thought.
We took delivery of two big boxes and with well greased elbows the work began.
When unpacking, I realized that the sturdy Henderson pumps, which I normally associate with Lavacs now were history, replaced with some "look-alikes" made in Italy.
Hmmm, I suspectly thought; Why abandon a proven pump and go for a substitute? The answer is probably cost and I had my doubts...
A couple of hours later the first toilet was in place and I made a few firm strokes; "slosch, gurgle, splasch, spwffftt...."!
Water everywhere, except were it should be, inside the system! The ¤#$$-ing pump was leaking, to say the least.
To make a long story short, I removed the pump (naturally awkvardly fitted behind a bulkhead) numerous times, trying to sort out the leaks. Tightening screws, resetting gaskets etc. One major reason for leaks were ONE SCREW MISSING! Had to cannibalize from the other pump to get a suitable. Finally, I realized the fact, this pump will never seal proper, the whole body is so weak that it flexes so much for every stroke that it simply cannot seal. Unless I dismantle it totally and glue the whole thing with silicone. With a new pump? No thanks.
The day after I called the Swedish agent for Blake-Lavac. He never heard of the Henderson pumps beeing replaced by this cheap crap and immediately gave me two original Hendersons from his stock. Yesterday evening both toilets were in commission and every visit in the heads are a real joy!
So beware. If buying Lavacs, INSIST OF HAVING HENDERSON pumps! Or at least some other proven pump, not this brandless crap!