latest news 31st march: extra crew


11 Jan 2002
Caribbean at the moment
right the boat is in and seatrialled with new throttles and will be with new covers ready to depart end friday next er whatever date that is possibly 9th onwards.

i have been prevailed to have 2 crew on board who are v nice chaps and wil gladly make food or whatever in return for pearls of wisdom (e.g. yes, that's right, this paint itself is called Antifoul, there' no mechanism or electronic thing or force field...)

So, this is an ideal time for me to say that if you ain't sure you can make it - you can back out no problem. But of course otherwise er that's no problem either.

Also, kindly orgainse a nice easterly forecast.

Oh, and i have asked brendan to be our shoresuport to advise of miltary coups and/or upcoming tsunamis etc. on the way


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7 Jul 2003

Well my shiny new passport arrived last week so I am all ready! If the weather is looking good for a friday departure then we should be able to bunk of a day early from work, will confirm with Jim tommorrow but I am sure I can.

I have already sorted the weather, I checked my crispy fried sea weed at the weekend and it promise gentle easterlies for as long as was required. If the trusty weed fails Brendan will come to the rescue I am confident of that!

Are you down at the boat this weekend? We will be on the Hamble at some point sunday to sea trial the Sealine we are in the process of buying. If there is anything last minute you need a hand wiv gimme a shout as apart from the sea trial we are about all weekend!