Keel Coating


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31 Oct 2002
Hants, UK
Someone in the past has tried not too well to bodge the keel seating compound but there is little evidence of any movement so I won't be re-seating this year. The sealer placed over the joint has started to come away though so needs replacing.

Hence the plan is to removed the sealer put over the join, clean back as far as I need to, to remove any loose rust, sealer etc. and then re-seal/paint.

The question is what to paint / seal with. I may be taking the keel back to bare metal at the join so need to know what to coat that with.

Any suggestions on best plan & what to use?


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17 Dec 2004
Buckland Monachorum
Two part epoxy on cast iron keel a couple of coats, and sikaflex292 seal for joint.
You need to get back to good metal, no rust. best way is to angle grind then when you think you'e got it all, spray with water and you'll get a thin film of rust quite quickly, you'll see where you've missed. Then you need it really dry which will be the tricky bit this time of year unless its in a heated shed.
Someone will probably contradict what I've just said but it worked for me...
I found that by only doing the joint in the past that at the point where the old paint/coating meets the bare metal there will have been some moisture worked its way under the coating and then the rust starts all over again. Maybe if your very carefull and its dry it will work.