Just in case I've been too nice to Kim Hollamby



Just in case I\'ve been too nice to Kim Hollamby

On the offchance you think I've gone soft and been too nice to Kim and the MBM crew, here’s a very tasteless joke.

It’s a few years time and poor Kim Hollamby has passed away and gone to meet his maker. Of course that’s the Devil. He arrives at the gates of hell and Satan greets him. “Oh dear” says Satan, “we weren’t really expecting you yet and we’re a bit full up and there's no spare room for you. What we’ll have to do is get you to replace one of our existing little devils”.

“I’ll let you view any three rooms and you can choose which one you want to replace” he says to Kim.

“OK” says Kim, “I’ll go for that”.

Satan opens the first door and there is Idi Amin with a big sledge hammer breaking rocks. “That’s what he does all day every day” says Satan. “Do you want to change with him?”

“No” says Kim, “I’ve got a bit of a bad shoulder, so I’ll give this one a miss”.

Satan opens the second door and there’s Richard Nixon. Kim watches as Nixon repeatedly dives in to a swimming pool, swims to the other side, climbs out and dives back in, time and time again. “Want to swap?” says Satan. “No” says Kim, “I’m a little on the short side to climb up the side all the time”.

Satan opens the third door and there’s Bill Clinton, naked spread eagled on the floor with Monica Lewinsky doing…..well doing what Monica Lewinsky’s famous for. “Want to swap?” says Satan. “Oh yes” says Kim, this is for me”.

“Right” says Satan, “come on Monica your time’s up”.