johnson 8hp 2 str



Sorry about the cross post.

This has an alternator and pull cord,It seems to be seized.Is there somethin I need to adjust or is it locked in some way.Hoping for some suggestions in case I look a complete idiot when the finances recover enough to allow me to visit my friendly local dealer.Thanks in advance.


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7 Sep 2001
I think that's what he is trying to ascertain. See my notes in PBO forum, if you dare go to such a site, I'm a cross forumer!


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16 May 2001

Make sure that you are trying to pull the start cord with the gears in neutral. If my memory serves me right, there is a mechanical device that prevents any further action and locks the cord, if gears are in reverse or forward. Then again, is the engine seized or is it just that the cord is jammed? It is not very hard to pull things apart to check this. Only requires a ring spanner, some sockets, screwdriver etc, and a modicum of mechanical aptitude and a little bit of the grey matter. Good luck. The experience will serve you well.


Re: Check

Firstly thanks for all the suggestions
1Tthe prop turns when in neutral.When in gear I can turn half a revolution and then no more.
2.I checked the cable from the gear shift and right enough a little dog engages
the flywheel to prevent starting in gear.This works ok as I can see it is not engaged when in neutral.
3. I took off the starter mechanism and the flywheel can only turn through an arc of about 20 degrees before jamming.
4.I took out the sparkplugs and inserted a screw driver into the cylinders and could
feel both pistons move a little when I moved the flywheel
6.The throttle has a red button which I am sure is the kill switch.The twist grip will not twist fully over to where it shows low power and twists way past where it shows
full power.There is another adjustable knob on the same axis as the twistgrip which
can be wound in and out.I do not know what this does.There is a push/pull which I am sure is the choke.
7.I assume the alternator coils are under the flywheel with the ignition mechanism.

So, a dodgy water pump, broken crankshaft, or some lock-out I still have not found?I guess I have investigated as much as I can.Any final suggestions before iItake it to the shop?