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28 Feb 2003
I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow forumite yesterday. A shiny new boat sits on the hard at Burnham, surrounded by a mass of tools, as Jim drills, cuts and hacks his way through the commissioning process. We discussed the mental trauma of attacking a new boat with tools - on the way back to the car, my good lady put her arm around me and said - "No offence, but I'd never let YOU anywhere near a new boat with power tools..." /forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif I'm still sulking....

Jim's boat is a smasher tho'


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19 Nov 2003
Kind words indeed John.....
yesterdays tally was.....
one bathroom dismantled, headlining down, Harken winch removed. Harken winch delivered to new owner in pub, who had thrown previously well fitted winch over the side in rash racing manoeuvre.
Antal winch installed over bathroom. Headlining and fittings reassembled.
Headlining in aft cabin and galley down, installed Antal winch and triple clutch block for spinnaker fittings. Reassembled headlinings.
2 x spinnaker padeyes for turning blocks installed with punishing contortion routine to get nuts and washers on.
2 x Spinlock single clutches installed near toerail for cruising chute tackline and furling gear line control. Even more excruciating contortion routine for nuts and washers.
Cleared away the weekends detritus ready for the yard to come and hook up all the electronic bits I fitted over the weekend, like Radar tower and Binnacle mountings. Also rearranging the very stupid heating installation in the port cockpit locker.
Then we retired to the pub to mull over the cost of horse linament for aching 40 somethings. Can't get it free on the NHS, nor yet the use of visiting massage services.

Also spent the weekend fending cruel jibes from passing owners after the yard applied a portion of a coat of antifouling in places, which made the boat resemble a kids nursery play paint wall.

Still, brightside is that I probably saved about 4-500 quid in yard labour charges, which I shall fritter on other things.

All I actually wanted to do was to wave tenners at everyone and just walk onto the boat as a floating concern. What I have is a slightly wrecked retail experience where I feel I need to turn up and assemble it all myself, like any other normal piece of junk that I buy and 'restore'. /forums/images/graemlins/mad.gif I am not doing this again unless I get a SUBSTANTIAL discount.Like about 90%.



4 Jun 2001
Don't you wish you still had a smaller boat, with less work to do to it? /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif