Is it just me?


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31 May 2001
'ang on a mo, I'll just take some bearings
The world's best sailing club is the OPYC*, and I had 30 years membership.

I resigned last year and bought a boat of my own (foolish fellow).

Every sail I've had on her since has ended up in a serious thrash to w/ward to get her home.

I don't remember that it always used to blow 25+kts from the Lymington direction. So what's happened? Is it global warming? Have I upset Neptune by hanging one-handed off the backstay too often and peeing in his eye? Is this an initiation ceremony reserved for new owners? Or are there alien forces at work?

*Other People's Yacht Club


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4 May 2004
Re: No!

I used to keep a boat on the East Coast, allways chaseing the tide, and beating home. My brother kept a boat on the Firth of Clyde, everytime I sailed with him, it was a beutiful reach or run under cloudless blue sky's with no tide to consider.......pure bliss. So when I changed boats four years ago, I took her to the Firth of Clyde............the sunny days have been few and far between, and it is always inevitably a beat out and back. Still no tides to consider though, just 430 miles to drive home! My theory is that, this is all to do with the stress of ownership, things are allways so much better when it is not your responsibility.


I know that I\'m tempting the gods but....

...I haven't sailed to wind this year. This year has consisted of a trip to St. Malo in a 4NE and back to Lymington in 4SW. Half of both trips in full sunshine...the other half was in 10-100m vis so the gods did get their revenge!

Chris Enstone, Rival Spirit