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I am thinking of buying an Invader 22 but can't find any information on this boat. Can anyone give me information on, sailing performance, rough value (1979) and what engine it will take (none fitted at the moment) Thanks

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The Invader was built in Holland and imported by Iles of Norbury from 1977 onwards. She was a solidly built little cruiser with good accommodation for her era and length - five berths, reasonable headroom. She is quite heavy and arguably slightly under rigged. In standard form, with a long fin keel, her performance was fair to middling. WIth the optional bilge keels no better than fair.

Assuming she is in good condition with a reasonable inventory, good sails etc I would estimate her value at around £3,000 without engine up to £5,000 for a really good one with a new outboard.

She was designed to have an outboard, but I believe it is possible to fit an inboard as well. You could get by with a 4hp outboard. 6hp would be better and 8hp tops. If you go down the inboard route, a single cylinder diesel of 8hp would do the trick nicely.



I'm not sure about being made in Holland. I'm looking at a brochure for the Invader 22 and the maker is Walsham Marine based in Essex. I own one and would agree with the sailing performance comments, but it is safe if you are not out in anything more than a 5. Beware of home completions , as a lot of them were. This can be easily checked by a look at the wiring , does it look proffessional, if it does then even if it was a home completion then it should have been done well. In terms of an engine , one of the plus points of these boats is that most of them had inboard diesels fitted. Mine has a Petter twin rated at 12hp. Its quite a big heavy boat for its size and I'm not sure I'd want to go much below that. If your boat is in exceptional condition without an engine then £4500 to £5000 is really tops, I would't bother with the cost of a inboard, you can get a charging outboard for much less money and hassle. I've had no problems with mine over the last year (excepting the engine). and for the money there is not much else out there that would offer the accomodation.
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