Interior wood maintenance - Permaglaze?


New member
25 Apr 2005
My boat is an Oyster 406 (no. 17) which was built by Windboats in 1987. The boat is now in the boatyard in Portugal. We are undertaking some maintenance in the galley area where the wood finish is badly worn on the corners, along the fiddles and around the companionway.
I have already tried varnishing a small area after careful rub-down with wet & dry, but the varnish has not bonded to the existing surface.
Oyster Ltd think that the original finish was something called permaglaze matt, that would then have been burnished with Bri-wax and wire wool 0000 grade. It does not look like vanish sitting on the wood - more like a finish that has gone into the wood giving an attractive satin appearance. They suggest using permaglaze satin finish for repairs. However, I cannot find any information on permaglaze or where I can get hold of it.
Does anyone know about this finish and have any suggestions about how I should maintain and repair the interior wood finish of the boat, please?
Thanks, - Rick