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Hi Folks,

I am looking for a sea water filter that has an integrated valve. It can be part of a skin fitting assembly or a separate valve arrangement.

My current arrangement is a skin fitting, ball valve, filter housing. All are connected together with threaded connections and as such the whole assembly is over a foot long.

I am sure that on another vessel an integrated filter / valve assembly was fitted. The filter is the tube type that is accessed via a top flange. Size of current skin fitting is 1 1/2" BSP.

Anyone know a supplier?




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10 Nov 2007
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That sort of arrangement is out of fashion now, partly because of the size and partly because (normally) they are below the waterline so not secure if the cap is removed without closing the valve. More common now is the above the waterline filter which can be opened and the intake cleared. Vetus make a range of these.