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I recently aquired a 2nd hand 1GM10 Yanmar at almost no cost ( very little run time) and will be stripping it to learn it inside out! etc.
What i am after is info on installing this engine onto a 22ft Marcon Striker ( yes i know, not many people have heard of this boat! Used to be produced by Marine Construction in Southampton UK). I also picked the boat up for next to nothing as it need rigging, engine, sails etc.
If you know of any sites or local people ( i live in emsworth, Hampshire,UK) that offer "FREE" or very cheap advice / instructions on how to fit the engine, what size/type of shaft and how to align it, and lastly what type / size prop to use.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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19 Aug 2001
Why are you planning to strip a nearly new engine if has only run a few few hours. All you will do is upset the factory settings and the engine will never be the same again. By all means clean it up and change the oil filter and fuel filter but leave the engine alone, you will do far more harm than good. IF IT AINT BROKE, DON'T FIX IT

John C.


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30 May 2001
I agree with John C if its only done a few hours you dont need to take it apart, but the only factory setting to worry about is the "no load" max RPM limiter which is wirelocked, everything else is adjustable.

Id just clean it up, check the tappets change the oil and filter and have the injector serviced.

John Cutler at Emsworth is a good man to contact (John Cutler marine)

As for the rest you havent given enough info, Did your boat have an inboard or an outboard before?

If it had an an outboard, you have a lot of work to do! you will need to fit a 'P' bracket, stern tube and engine bearers

You can contact me by Email if you want to

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