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20 Feb 2005
New Zealand
Hi, I have just purchased a 37' sloop rig full keel, mahogany carvel yacht. The `manufacturer's' plate has the name Matthiesen & Paulsen, on it followed by arnis/schlei Bau 212(or 272). Keen to find as much info as possible.
First couple of planks above garboard are single plank and caulked. Thereafter she becomes double plank and only looks like there is a bit of red filler between planks. Doesn't look like room for cottoc etc. She has had a repair of the 1st 2 planks above garboard, either side (bow end) which were done in Kauri with cotton caulking, unsuccessfully. I think the previous owner trie dto hash the job with epoxy and resins splashed over her while sitting on hard for 14 months. The repairs are on both sides above the start of the keel....wondering about first keel bolt integrity also. I'm interested in a) history on yacht B) repair suggestions


30 Nov 2002
Well, that\'s an easy one!

Matthiesen & Paulsen are still very much in business!

here is their website

I would think they will be able to identify the boat from her yard number and tell you all about her. They are obviously a first class yard.

The use of double planking in mahogany suggests two things to me:

First, this is a "high spec" boat; everything should be to a good standard

Second, this boat may have been built in Germany to an American design, probably for export to the USA. This was not unusual for 20 years or so after WW2. I think I am right in saying that 100 of the 102 Concordia yawls were built in Germany and shipped to the States as were many other boats, until the "Wirtschaftswunder" brought the value of the Deutsche Mark up to the point that German labour was no longer "cheap" in Dollar terms. Double planking in mahogany is, for American boats, what single planking in teak is for British ones and triple planking in Kauri is for New Zealand boats.

Anyway, Matthiesen and Paulsen will know.