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The maritime equivalent of a motorbike 'stoppie'.


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28 Jul 2003
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Loved it! I forwarded the link to my crew who have a tendency to not lock the front hatch on the little boat.
Indeed I believe one of my kind of boat was sunk doing something similar.
A good reason to keep hatches locked if you really want to fly a spin in those conditions. My answer on the little boat is a tiny spin. a 14ft skiff spin that gives a good pull but is a bit more manageable in a bit of wind compared to the standard spin.
Regarding the wording used. I tend to agree with other posters that that is not a broach as such. Perhaps so unusual it doesn't need a name.
As said broach is when you get too much heeling of the boat so huge weather helm turning the boat near rightangles to original track and laying it over with rudder out of water so no control.
To avert a broach you must dump all power from the mainsail ASAP then haul on the tiller to turn the boat downwind in expectation and advance of the weather helm. Ease the spin sheet just a little.
However after too many broaches on the little boat I added a few inches to the bottom of the rudder with additional ballance. That and a better awareness of the danger of a broach and use of tiny spin means I havn't done it for while. 3 races now done in this new season. The madness continues olewill.