Here's the story of someone who built a boat in his flat and then had


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29 Jan 2005
Re: Here\'s the story of someone who built a boat in his flat and then had

This is not as mad an escapade as you think - well actually it is - but it's not uncommon. I personally know of two such fools - three if you count me. The daftest of the trio is someone I know who built a canoe in his loft, or attic if you prefer. All went went and it looked great until he realised and this came like a sledgehammer blow ( he hadn't thought about it before) that he wasn't able to move it outside. It took him four years to complete it! After much thought and beer it was decided to take out the skylight frame, loosen off a few slates here and there and some sarking then slide it down the roof straight off the eaves and guess what?

It landed plum through his mother's greenhouse upright like a javelin.

The other case concerns my old economics tutor who built the fuselage of a plane in his hall/lobby of an old and huge Victorian pile he inhabited. (He too was a Victorian pile). Undeterred he knew - obviously - of the problem of removal but merely knocked a huge portion out of his gable end to facilitate this.

I myself have a stripped down triumph Bonneville in my kitchen /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif