Help Needed - for university anode project - How often do you replace?


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1 Oct 2015
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I am involved with a university project investigating different anode decay rates and possible reasons for this. It is hoped that this will lead to better advice and knowledge to boat owners regarding anodes. Some of the possible reasons for varied anode decay rates are salinity, power supplies etc.

It is thought that anodes decay quicker on the River Hamble in Hampshire than elsewhere with a number of hotspots occurring, so it would be interesting to have results from the East Coast as a comparison. These theories and hotspots must occur elsewhere. Being from near Colchester originally it is an area I love. Have you noticed varied anode decay rates on your boat or noticed areas which have greater decay rates? Your ideas and theories will all help to identify possible reasons and help with this project, thanks.

Please could you fill in my online survey on anode decay rates see link below:

It is hoped this work will help boat owners get more from their anodes in the long term.

Thank you