Have I misused my liferaft ?


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7 Jan 2005
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I have a Seago life raft in a canister and each time I leave the boat I put it inside the saloon.

I carry it with the webbing straps that hold the canister closed.

As I picked it up at the weekend the sealed string snapped.

Are the webbing straps made to carry the life raft ?

How do you throw them overboard if you dont use the webbing straps /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif

had I picked it up in a panic the thing would have dropped to bits before I got it overboard.

At sea the liferaft is stored in the cockpit as I dont want to climb on deck or squeeze between the tender to launch the raft off the bathing platform.

Its not due for a service until June 2008, what string can I use to repair, I presume the breaking strain is critical ?