any one known a company made hatches named Ruckerson

16 May 2001
Do NOT have anything to do with Rutgerson Hatches.

...Quite simply they are not fit for their purpose.

Bavaria boats started fitting Rutgerson Deck hatches on the 2001 build year. Our boat was launched in April 2001 and on the delivery trip from Isloa in Slovenia to Athens Greece we had water coming in through all of the eight hatches fitted. Their portlights however are entirely satisfactory.

I suspect that Cynthia Knight will also have something to say on this topic.

Our dealer in Athens has undertaken the replacement of ALL hatches fitted to Bavarias delivered this year. Rutgerson replaced the hatches but the replacements also failed and so now Gebos are being supplied by Bavaria as replacements. We had 4in. of water in the bottom of the boat during the delivery trip which made the Adriatic in spring a very uncomfortable place.

The main problem was the bonding between the acrylic panel and the "low profile" stainless frame but many also leak around the seal which exerts little pressure onto the frame. Light can be seen through it in many places.

This extract from a reply from Rutgersons explains:- (but remember that even the quoted "replacements" were found defective by Bavaria and rejected in favour of Gebos.

""Dear Stephen,

Thank you for giving us feedback about our products.

I am very sorry that you are one of the unfortunate customers that have received leaking hatches with your Bavaria boat. The hatches are designed to meet the toughest CE-demands (named Category A for oceangoing vessels). The hatches are tested and approved by Norske Veritas. The problems you have experienced where due to a change in the manufacturing process at one of our suppliers which resulted in leakages between glass and stainless steel frame.

The problem is already solved and all hatches delivered to Bavaria are ok. Bavaria Yachts send out replacement hatches to customers that have received hatches manufactured during the limited time before the problem was discovered

The trend now is that customers demand lower profiled hatches which means that the flange cannot be as deep as on traditional hatches. Our design is made to assure a watertight hatch even without such a deep flange – just like other low profile hatches on the market like e.g. Lewmar’s low profile hatch. ......

Best regards,

Daniel Andersson

Marketing Manager

Rutgerson Marin AB ""

(full text available from me by email - SC)

So there it is. IMHO everyone makes mistakes but when the remedy is no better than the fault can you blame Bavaria Yachtbau for taking this action? I must stress however that Rutgerson's other equipment on the boat is entirely satisfactory and of the highest quality. Their portlights are superb, fully watertight, easy to clean and being completely devoid of the water traps all too present on some other makes that deposit a cupfull of water into the boat every time they are opened.

We now (I hope) have the ideal combination of Gebo deck hatches and Rutgerson portlights and deck hardware.

Steve Cronin


Re: Do NOT have anything to do with Rutgerson Hatches.

Dear Steve
I have exact the same trip last April and also exactly the same problem with
a BAVARIA 47 as I understand local dealer change your windows or not?
I claim 3 to 4 times but nothing happen also I wrote to BAVARIA YACHT BAU
What you think what I have to do now if you can help me highly I appreciate.

Christos Vafiadis


16 May 2001
Re: Do NOT have anything to do with Rutgerson Hatches.

I agree with everything Steve said. We too had trouble with the Rutgerson hatches, fortunately ours were replaced immediately with Gebos, so we didn't have to have the job done twice, as he did. The two boats were manufactured at approx. the same time. A third Bav. owner also experienced the same problems - he is based in Spain and his dealer replaced the faulty hatches withing a day!! There is another message there somewhere.

Interestingly enough the latest Bavs. do still have low profile hatches, but they are Lewmar. I am glad we settled for a tried and tested design - the Gebos are a very solid job.

Other Rutgerson equipment is good. My only complaint is that the metal trim of the side ports (excellent) and the Gebos is a mismatch, but hey, that's just a cosmetic fault and even I (a mere female) appreciate that waterproof qualities are rather more important.

No problems getting replacement hatches. Ours came direct from Bavaria and we arranged to have them fitted locally.

Good luck with yours.