General Volvo KAD 300 maintenance


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17 May 2009
Devon, UK
My Sunseeker with twin KAD 300's have now done 200 hours in 4 years and I'm looking for any hints and tips in regard to maintenance that can save me hastle and money in the future.

I'm planning to do the tappets over the next few weeks and obviously the routine maintenance as identified in the user manual, but would appreciate and other prevenatative jobs that are not typically documented.

Thanks in advance.


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20 Apr 2004
Some knowledgeable people on here have suggested the standard Volvo oil is not that good, and you are better with other makes. Shell Rimula gets a good press, or you could consider fully synthetic, but apparently needs a flush through first.

I'm no expert, so just passing on comments i've heard on here.


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8 May 2006
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We have the same engines. I'm not aware of any special maintenance issues (other than those listed in the manual) but now twice I've had the starboard engine refusing to get the raw water going once in the water after a lift-out.

On our first outing two weeks ago, the engine temp went above normal and I had to turn it off. Good thing I was monitoring the gauges as I went out. There was nothing to block the water from circulating apart from some air trapped in the raw water intake hose before the water pump.

I replaced the impeller and filled the hose with water from a kettle and everything was fine.

Another thing was a smell of something burning that only came when the compressor was on. Yep, one of those rubbery knobs holding the plastic cover in place had gone missing and the edge of the cover made contact with the rotating wheel on the compressor. I removed the cover altogether.

Also, the oil pressure sensor -thing was slightly loose on both engines and dripping oil.