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25 Feb 2013
Me North Dorset. Venezia in Portland.
My regular crew can't make it for the Cherbourg trip so I thought I'd see if any of the regular posters were interested, especially those not based in and around the south coast who'd like to spend a bit of time seeing what its all about down here and we could even do a bit more than just Cherbourg. Perhaps there could be an opportunity for a reciprocation to give me a chance to sail wider parts, but that's not obligatory.

Work restricts me to not being able to leave until Thursday night, although that may change, but I'd probably stick with a day crossing early Friday morning, probably from Portland to avoid having to wait for the 8am bridge lift.

I'm flexible on routes and timings for coming back and would probably do one of the legs via Alderney.

If anyone is interested I'd also be happy to come back via the Solent for those who've never sailed it or see the other CI's. As things stand I have to be back for some work on the Wednesday morning and all day Thursday but I may be able to do that on board if we in are mainland UK (its all big files, conference calls and webex's so it can get expensive if I'm outside my tariff areas) so it could be turned in to a slightly longer trip.

I'm happy to take 1 or 2 people willing to share a cabin but don't like using the saloon for sleeping for long trips because I tend to be a light sleeper and am up and about a lot during the night. I'm also of an age (58) where I'm past sharing with anyone but SWMBO (who doesn't sail) after years of it the Army and some bad experiences on RYA courses. This means whilst I don't expect a lot of experience I'm not sure about taking a complete novice on their own but 1 experienced and 1 novice is OK.

As to the sailing, I'm easy going and let my crew do as little or as much as they like. I don't grab the helm and expect the crew to be galley slaves, its usually the other way round as my regular crew gets sea sick down below so I end up making all the drinks and food when under way :) I don't smoke but don't mind smokers but for safety reasons restrict smoking to on deck only. I drink copious amounts, but not under way and I don't expect crew to drink under way either.

I'll be quite happy for anyone who is visiting the south coast for the first time to go off on their own sight seeing, especially if I have to work.

All food, drinks, marina fees and fuel is split equally, I'm not after a free or subsidised trip. I'm not a great cook so my cooking tends to be basic and often frozen left overs from home or ready meals. I'm more than happy for crew to cook.

I'm happy to pick up and drop off at local stations or airports (Bournemouth is closest) and for crew to stay on board for longer periods so that they can organise cheap tickets.

Other than that all I expect is for crew to behave and act safely and have a good time.

First come first served.