Filming starts Monday...


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9 Mar 2002
...and the clock will be running.

This project has been chosen for Discovery Channel's "Boat Yard" with Tom Cunliffe.

1. We've covered the varnishing but I'll just ask if I should invest in really expensive brushes? What do you guys use?

2. The bamboo mast has a split in it as bamboo is prone to. Assuming that I doubt if I'll do any racing in this, should I be concerned?

3. The sails and rigging are pretty original (50-odd years old). Any ideas for getting replacements or repairs cheaply?


30 Nov 2002
Well done!

1. I find that the oval brushes sold by Blakes (well, at least they always seem to be next to the Blakes Paints in the chandlery, and are recommended by Blakes in their leaflet) do seem to be very good for varnishing.

The "Bible" on varnishing is this book which is very well worth buying - costs about as much as a pot of varnish anyway! The author rather dismisses magic brushes and super varnishes in favour of proper preparation, and suggests that cheap foam brushes are as good as anything.

2. Traditionally, you apply a seizing to close the split, which will offer an opportunity for a photoshot of what a former Chairman of mine called "something absurdly nautical!" Dab of epoxy probably would not hurt, either.

3. Staying with the absurdly nautical theme, there are two specialist sailmakers, viz James Lawrence (Mark Butler) in Brightlingsea and North Sea Sails (Stephen Hall) in Tollesbury (I am a customer of the latter, Ian Wright is a customer of the former) both of whom are eminently telegenic in both their persons and their premises.

Good luck!


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5 Nov 2002
West Mersea
I agree with Mirelle about the oval brushes recommended by Blakes, indeed all of that range. You can get them at B and Q but despite having used one today I can't remember the name. The bristle retention (or lack of bristle loss) is the ebst I've used for some time.