Fascinating story!!!


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14 May 2004
It reminds me of when we were going throught the loft of my dear departed grandmas' loft and I came across a rolled up oil painting. I unrolled it in a better light and thought to myself "My God, it's a Bellini !"
I took it to an art expert and explained that I thought it was a Bellini, and from his blue period. He told me to leave it with him and he would examine it and let me know.
True to his word he phoned me back later that day and told me that I was right - it WAS a Bellini - imagine my excitement - and then he told me it WAS from his "blue period" - I was starting to think about how much it could be worth -
..then he told me hat this particular Bellini was a plumber and absolutely cr*p at painting.........