Fairline Squadron 50 (1996 vintage) with TAMD122Ps

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21 Feb 2004
Saffron Walden, Essex
Hi folks,

Am thinking of getting back into the boating game despite swallowing the anchor earlier this year. I'm missing it somewhat... the boating that is, not the anchor.

I'll need to keep my champagne ambitions under control and buy something affordable for Prosecco money, but big enough to meet our needs, and to cut a long story short I've formed an interest in the late 1990s Fairline Squadron 50. The size and layout of the boat suits my needs, so on paper anyway this looks like a good contender. This model is typically equipped with Volvo TAMD122P motors, which I understand to have a good reputation as relatively bulletproof provided maintenance is kept up of course.

Was hoping to look at one yesterday but it went under offer few hours before I called the broker.

Anyway, reason for this post is to ask if anyone with experience of this specific model would like to comment on its strengths and weaknesses, their ownership experience?

Any horror stories?

What's engine access like for servicing? The stbd engine is under the sofa.

Anything to be especially concerned about the 122Ps?

It's this old school model. Pic for reference.