engine cooling


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3 Jul 2004
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.Today I cut the exhaust elbow in half just below the injection point, the expanded part of the elbow is an expansion chamber to dampen out exhaust pulsing and allow easy entry of water. It was full fo carbon about 1/2" thick in places. This was chiselled out and the elbow bronzed back together.Back on the boat everything ran perfectly for about an hour and then murphy raised his ugly mug again...no water from exhaust, leave engine running, off with hose at elbow, no water, off with hose at head, no water etc.. off with hose at waterpump outlet, you guessed it..no @#$#%$ water.!!!
The problem was found to be a filter element that can be inserted back to front if the wole housing is dismantled for cleaning and when in back to front, floats and can be sucked up to block off the filter outlet. Problem solved. To make sure I wasn,t going mad I went across to my own boat and found I could do exactly the same with my filter.The filter we all use is the garden sprinkler type which is an inline tube with removable end caps and a filter tube down the centre. The are cheap and up til now troublefree.
Thanks once again to all responders.