Engine, beds and mounts


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14 Feb 2005
Cutting a VERY long story short (please don't go there) I have a new stern tube assembly ready and waiting to attach to my present engine which is currently over wintering being serviced.

My previous shaft housing was NOT an assembly and, as such, had no coupling at either end. My new assembly has a coupling (?) unit both at the engine and propellor end.

My problem is that, with the new assembly, my already tight space between the engine and the shaft will be exceeded: estimation is that the engine will have to move forward two inches.

My engine normally is attached to four engine mounts. Each pair of engine mounts are bolted onto straight - approx. 10"(??) - metal clamps. These metal clamps (two in total) are attached to the engine blocks (beds).

Examining the engine blocks, I find I currently have only (fractionally) two inches left available on them. Moving the metal clamps, attached to the blocks, forward two inches may even cause a small overlap over the engine blocks. In addition, one of bolts attaching the metal clamps to the blocks would be little more than one to two centimetres away from the edge of the blocks.

I'm looking for consensus, thus piece of mind on this:

Do I need to replace / extend or do nothing about the blocks ?

If I need to replace / extend the blocks, what would you recommend ?

What else do I need to be concerned about?

Many thanks



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16 May 2001
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I wouldn\'t worry about...

I wouldn't worry about the clamps slightly overlapping the blocks (assuming the metal clamps are reasonably substantial), but I would be concerned about the fixing bolts being so close to the end of the blocks. Maybe it would be worth drilling new fixing holes in the clamps so that the bolts aren't too close to the edge of the blocks? Also, are you sure there's enough room at the front to move the engine forwards?