DSC Problems



Forgot to mention that on our East Coast trip we heard a Mayday relay from Yarmouth coastguard who were trying to contact a cruiser in the Southwold area after picking up a Mayday from his DSC set.

The CG had traced the boats name and knew its' position but hadn't been able to contact him.

The next day I had cause to speak to the CG on the phone, and since the guy on the other end was quite chatty I asked, out of interest, what had happened, and he was more than happy to fill me in.

Turns out that the boat was contacted via Lowestoft Port control, and was in the hands of a delivery skipper, who when questioned explained that when he realised that the set was sending out a bogus signal he switched it off. Hence why the CG could not contact him.

The CG pointed out to him (very politely I'm sure) that it might have been helpful to contact them first.