Downloading from a Furuno Navtex to a PC


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19 Apr 2006
Portsmouth, UK
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Earlybird is right - Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> HyperTerminal
... basically any application that will display what is coming in through the serial port.
You then have to set the application to listen to the correct serial interface e.g. COM1 or COM2 or even something like COM12 if you are using a USB to Serial convertor. (Later laptops often don't have serial ports). Check out your control panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager and look under Ports (COM & LPT) to see what your PC ports have been assigned.
But HyperTerminal is not vey good at letting you scroll back, often giving corrupted characters.
TeraTerm is free and is downloadable from the internet.
Search google for TeraTerm -
Download the It is old but it is only 1 Mb and is so simple to setup and use.

If you see strange looking characters on the screen - then the speed is probably wrong - default is 9600 on most terminal applications. Try different speeds on the terminal software - it won't harm anything - it will just decode the characters in a different way... until you get the right speed.