Don't get turned over..


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7 Jul 2016
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Impressive attitude on this guy but he made some bad decisions early on.

No need to take out the engine to remove the gearbox. Shipping and fitting the replacement he found less than £500 plus the cost of the unit ($1000 he said which seems expensive). Having his existing one refurbished less than £1,000 including shipping to and from the UK ( or similar country with the capability). Replacing it is a diy job or pretty easy for a professional.

I had a similar issue with reverse gear at the end of last season all be it on a 25hp engine. Identical eBay replacement gearbox cost £50 (I was lucky), removal and fitting of old one was £250 with the boat on the water. £300 all in and about 3 weeks elapsed time.

I realise that it is easier and in the UK but still not impossible in Croatia with the addition of some extra shipping costs.