dolphin cruisers


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18 Jan 2003
I have seen a dolphin cruiser for sale locally that I might be interested in. I think it is 23 feet long and 6' 10" beam. probally made in the late 70's
It is fitted with an inboard diesel with I think a Z drive. It has a grp hull and a ply top. Does anyone know approx how much it is worth. Advert says needs tlc offers.


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21 Jun 2001
N Hampshire
1st: are you sure it is a GRP hull? The earlier ones were Ply.
These were built by a company called Brooklands Marine.
They did a range up to 26 feet. Mostly river/ canal although 26 footer had claims to estuary/sea.

Be very careful with the ply bit, especially if neglected (tlc?).

As for value? Anything from £nil to £4/5k.

Check diesel engine installation. From my memory they were all originally petrol outdrives, usually OMC ford based, so may be later conversion.


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6 Nov 2001
Re:Late 1960s.........Dolphin cruiser built by Brooklands Aviation

The boat is listed as being 20Ft long.They built two versions.600 in marine ply and in 1972 introduced a MK11 version in glass of which around 100 were built.Vast majority were outboard jobs but a few had 80HP Mangoletsi petrol power to outdrive.Would hope that whoever did the diesel conversion put in a new leg at the same time.Word of warning if that leg is original it may not be possible to repair or source spares any longer and at that age it may be on its last legs. /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
(All info from 25 years of Motorcruisers)


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30 Nov 2001
Had a 20Ft aft cockpit many years ago and for a short while ran the Dolphin Owners Club.
Their were 16, 19, 20 and 24ft versions the 16 was a dayboat and the 19 & 20 were aft cockpit 2 + 2s. The 24 from memory came in narrow beam & broad beam centre cockpit and a wide beam aft cockpit.
The 16 & 19 were outboard only, whereas the others were either outboard or z drive. Standard z drive was an OMC petrol of about 2.3L although some came with Enfield legs & Ford X flows.
The boats were very well built by Brooklands Marine Aviation in Byfleet surrey.
Early ones were all marine ply and later ones were GRP hulls with Ply tops.
Yes issues will be with Plywood delamination typically in corners and joints. Not rocket science to repair for someone with half hearted woodwork skills although a bit like rust in old cars generally a little thats visible means loads that isn't and its easy to get into very complex restorations.
With geriatric Evinrude 25 my 20ft would do about 12 knots 2 up and was really good fun.