Definition of Wind over Tide?

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We have a bit of a debate going on the Mobo forum regarding the definition of 'wind over tide'
Some of us believe it means wind with tide and others wind against tide
So, learned friends, which is it?


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15 Nov 2004
Wind against tide .... has been the definition of Wind Over Tide we've used for the past 20 odd years! It creates a nice little chop that slows down them powerboats!! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif


24 Jan 2003
East Coast
'Wind over Tide' used in the context of 'It was a rough wind over tide crossing' or similar negative connotations means the wind and tide travelling in opposite directions, which means the waves are heading into the tide which causes the waves to pile up on each other, and have a much shorter wavelength, and be much more 'choppy'.

This genereally has a much greater effect when sailing, as passages are usually planned to have a fair tide, therfore if you have got wind against tide, and the tide is fair, then you will be sailing upwind. A combination of sailing upwind and wind against tide 'chop' is particularly unpleasent.


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22 Dec 2003
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Wind over tide......In laymans terms the wind is coming from the direction that the tide is flowing towards, therefore the two force's are acting against each other. Not a great problem unless the tide is running at more than 3kts and then even a gentle force 4 could kick up a rather nasty short choppy sea. For passage making through strong tidal flow area's especially around head lands etc carefull planninmg and consideration should be made of relevant wind and tidal direction's/speed's.



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29 Apr 2003
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I raised this point some time ago on the forum and it was taken on board by YM, who vowed to find the definitive answer.

It subsequently appeared in an issue as a readers question and, if I recall correctly, the great TC decided that it could mean either and that I shouldn't be so pedantic!

I had been taught, very many moons ago, that wind over tide implied that both were acting in the same direction, which would flatten out the sea, and wind against tide suggested that the forces were in opposition with a resultant lumpy sea state.

Anyway it's all pedantry and we should say wind with tide and wind against tide.


16 May 2001
Any Pub Lancashire or Wales
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Sans Bateau

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19 Jan 2004

You are right, just so long as you can understand and recgonise which is which it does'nt matter much so long as what you are saying is clear.

Get it wrong and a force 5 SW on a spring ebb at the Needles can be VERY interesting!


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15 Nov 2004
Shall we make a stand then?

Why don't we make a decision and define it?


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12 Nov 2002
Wind against tide. Which can create seriously steep seas in reletively low wind speeds.