Cruising/Sailing Clubs


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24 May 2004
Deganwy Wales
From where I am based in North Wales on the Conway I am fairly close to the HQ of at least 2 different Cruising/Sailing Clubs. I am not partuclarly good at clubs. I have an aversion to people who like to be on committees. Not sure I ever want to go racing but I might enjoy the occasional organised cruise in company with others.

Does the team think there is any reason why I should join one of these establishments. What are your experiences ? Anyone have any local experience ?



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27 Aug 2003
Shoreham again
The beer's usually cheaper, as is the moorings and other facilities. There is a useful source of help and advice, good or otherwise. You can take the good bits and avoid those that you don't enjoy.

Good job some people don't mind running things though, or our clubs would not survive.


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24 Apr 2002
East Sussex
I'd say that if you've enough company to go sailing with and don't feel then need for somewhere else to meet people, don't join a club.

Now, I'm not suggesting club are good or bad, though they can evidently be both. Only that you should join one for your own reasons if your choose to join one.

As for "people who enjoy begin on committees" .. as a member of a committee in my club, I can say that few people choose to be on committees. However, most people end up there on the principle that unless you are prepared to do something about a problem, don't moan about it. I happen enjoy racing Aeolus from time to time, and want the racing to be as fair and enjoyable as possible for everyone. So I had to join the racing committee and ultimately take on the job I thought I could do better (handicap officer /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif )- so far, so good, nobody has actually shouted in my face!

Clubs do have a place in the yachting community (other than the more "snooty" clubs) they generally provide a welcome to visting sailors. Somewhere to go if cabin fever is starting to set in or somewhere to ask for help if you've a problem. For us on a more "feature free" part of the south coast - its the links and relationships between clubs (on both sides of the channel) which we try to cultivate that generate some of the best cruises and weekends of the year.

Visit the clubs in question and see how they appear to you, remembering of course that its the people that make a club, not the premisis.

Regards, Jeff.


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31 Oct 2003
N. Wales
A look at the respective web-sites suggests the clubs have very different objectives. Quite a contrast, really.

North Wales Cruising Club

Conwy Yacht Club

Not a member of either, but strangely drawn to NWCC due to cruising bias, helpfulness of Steve Gorst (of this parish), discount on launch, etc. Racing / OD bias of CYC is a turn-off to me, as is mention of G**F (not my cup of tea - YMMV). My impression is that NWCC manage to avoid the petty beaurocracy that lurks in the wings of "clubs" of any description - SWMBO (God! she'd kill me!) threw herself on their mercy last year after she left her handbag (& car keys, money, credit cards, keys to her work, etc.) on board. We had returned to Deganwy at ~ low water & I had dragged our ancient 10' GRP tender up through through the mud and shingle to the high water mark & packed up the car before she realised. No problem using the NWCC launch, and they even "forgot" to charge her - suspect the good natured piss-taking was sufficient recompense.

(Yes, I was that ogre)

Only problem is that the bar is in the wrong place! We also leave from Deganwy, and when we get back, pack up & get in the car, it's easier to go home than try to find somewhere to park in Conwy.

Like you, though, I don't do clubs. But just maybe.....



10 Dec 2002

The North Wales Cruising Club in Conwy specialises in Cruises in company and has a full programme for the coming season. You can view a list of events on the following link 2005 Programme

I've been a member of the club for two years now and joined as a complete novice. They are a really friendly bunch and with their advice I've tackled most of the local cruises now, including the infamous Swellies. Why not come over for a drink at the club one weekend there is no pressure to join the committee, honest!!!



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5 Oct 2004
Paul, When I was at Conwy I was a member of the berth holders association. They have close links with the local Yacht club and you can participate in various events, including races and cruises. Know you're over the water from there but you may be able to get involved. I will see if I can get any info from my spies!