Cruising menu


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17 Dec 2004
Buckland Monachorum
Surely it depends on what you and your crew like?
I have a quick system where you assume one main meal a day one quick easy lunch meal and a breakfast.
Main meals are Corbohydrate/Protien/veg
so you list the carbo's you all like....rice/pasta/tatoes etc
same for protien and veg....
multiply number of days by number of people....and you get something like 10 days for five people.
50 portions of you buy in portions 15 rice 15 pasta 15 spuds 5 gnochi...same for carbo' and veg..
You can then mix and match knowing you've got enough and you're not stuck to a fixed menu, as long as whoever cooks uses carbo/protien/veg they can cook anything they fancy.
Lunch was soups bread pot noodles...breakfast we liked pancakes with fruit.
Its much easier to shop like this than having to work out a menu that you then have to stick to.
Takes 15minutes to plan a shop for a 30 day trip, then not much longer than a normal shop to buy it, just more trolleys.
I hope that helps...