Crowning Insult


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16 May 2001
S. Yorkshire / Devon
In this months YM Ian Gawn writes about The Crown Estate increasing the rent for his Lymington Yacht Club pontoon, by a factor of 2 and a half. His further point is that this will likely be followed by similar increases charged to the areas covered by the Harbour Commissioners moorings, and no doubt other commercial mooring areas (marinas). I share his call to other sailors to express your views to The Crown Estates, your local MP, and the RYA.

For further information on the activities and revenues of The Crown Estate (who are currently trumpeting a total profit to the Exchequor for all activities of £147.7 millions), and their managing agents, who appear to contribute nothing in terms of investment into this resource, see

If you want to share an opinion on this with your MP, or perhaps have he or she ask The Exchequor what the likely impact will be in YOUR mooring area, try this excellent site

Also of course you can e-mail

I don't think I will be alone in expressing an interest in any alternative perspectives to this issue which I would add, sparked the first round of huge mooring price increases in the early 1980's, has fueled further increases ever since, and if this story is anything to go by, it heralds a re-foccussing of The Crown Estates on the yachtsman.


Familiar story!

After Charlie's wedding was announced, all the Duchy of Cornwall rents doubled. That included most moring fees in the SW. Well, he did have a three month honeymooon to pay for!

S'pose history will repeat itself if he decides to get hitched to Camilla.