Cross-channel worries for MBM cruise?



I suppose that you all saw the news. Two Lithuanians in the channel on lilos and a ferry picked them up.

This has very worrying connotations. Firstly, each to their own, and just cos a craft is not fabulous, it's a bit horrid for the ferry to start picking them up. Will they stop anyone on the MBM cruise and oho that's a crap boat, we're picking you up? After all the lilos were most of the way across, calm conditions, cruising in company. It might have been the Lith. Summer Cruise, now spoilt by P&O.

Secondly, what's so good about a ferry, hmm? Praps somebody should rescue all those poor souls in those awful conditions struggling across the channel - stop the ferry and bring them back in a nice powerboat or a yacht.



You have a very valid point...what if they had valid passports and all the correct docs...hell they could even have had and RYA Yachtmaster certificate for all we know.

After all most yachts in those conditions wouldnt have been travelling any faster !

So who's got the right to stop em ?...will P and O be pulling in any slow moving vessels from now on ?...where will it all end !


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16 May 2001
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Pleased to report to all and sundry (from my pleasant locale in Port Zelande) that we haven't been picked up by any ferries! Flat crossing coming over, would be nice to have the same coming back. News updates on and Even forum regulars Colin Maslen and Dave Stewart (mostly) behaving themselves but claim to be missing you all!