Crewing - what they don't tell you


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20 Jun 2004
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Crewing - what they don\'t tell you

Spent the weekend crewing on a yacht for the Cruising Association Frostbite race on the Thames. Although I've crewed on this yacht in the past this is the first trip involving sleeping on board. So what did I learn?

Well one member could snore for England and win medals if snoring became an olympic event. He even wore earplugs so he didn't wake himself up.
Farting loudly is not only welcomed but strongly encouraged.
Drinking so much you cannot remember returning to the boat and then being first up to start cooking breakfast is considered normal routine.
Taking a change of clothes for each day is a complete waste of time and space.
If you manage to get a decent bunk, make sure you put your sleeping bag out before heading off to shore because you will not have that bunk when you return.
The Gipsy Kings' "Bamboleo" should be played at full volume in lieu of an alarm clock for rousing the crew.
Washing up should still feel really greasy no matter how many times you wash it.
There is no easy way to retrieve a dinghy that has parted company with the painter when your keel is still sitting in the mud - cold and wet is the only option.

Having been through this, I've agreed to continue crewing throughout the rest of the season. Do I need therapy?