Corribee Association

Tom Price

16 Jun 2010
Hayling beach

Thanks; I did Google first and found that Unified website but the link to a COA doesn't work.

So I repeat: is there an Association with anything happening?
(Come in Nathan please . . .)


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13 Jul 2002
The website that UBK has indicated is an unofficial one produced by SRP of these forums.

I think you will find that the Owners association has cased to function.
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10 May 2006
Barnard Castle, Durham
Thanks for the mention Vic. Tom has just pm'd me.

Just to confirm in case any others are interested, the Corribee Website (link below) was originally set up by me a few years ago as a re-write, and for the use of the Corribee Owners Association. For various reasons that arrangement didn't happen, so I bought some hosting and a domain name and published it myself, with the encouragement of the guys who run the Yahoo group. Some time afterwards we managed to get permission to use some of the COA material and publish their handbook. Since then the COA seems to have quietly expired (hopefully not for ever), and their hosting company has suspended their web space. Since its' original inception the site has grown with the invaluable help of another Corribee owner and IT professional.

So that leaves two web 'presences', us and the Yahoo discussion group. Most of the questions Corribee owners have about their boats can be answered by reading the many technical (and other) pages on the Corribee Website. If we don't have your particular topic covered then the Yahoo discussion group is excellent - a really helpful bunch.

Last, but most definitely not least, two notable owners. Roger Taylors excellent site which contains a wealth of information on preparing for, and undertaking, those slightly longer passages. In fact, just buy Roger's books, as they will tell you all you need to know about sailing Corribees. And Nathan, who holds the record for the longest Corribee liveaboard, another super site