Come on in the water's ------


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30 Apr 2004
Come on in the water\'s ------


I picked up this link from a US site that I inhabit.

The three streaming videos all say much the same, but I found the last the most interesting, particularly the fact that Thinsulate absorbs water like there's no tomorrow, (well I'd found that out for myself earlier...)

We don't get that much discussion over here about survival in water, so I thought them worth sharing. The last video is a bit dark - so turn up the brightness to see what's happening.


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20 Feb 2004
Re: Come on in the water\'s ------

What this points up is not only the problem of water logging with "Thinsulate",and presumably all polyester materials as found in fleeces.But that it is important to have a life jacket if you're going to fall in the water.
Fleece for all its short comings is still the best solution for keeping warm out of the water as it tends to wick moisture away from the body.The polyester itself does not absorb water itself in the same way as cotton and wool does(easily proven put fleece in wash spin and it will come out almost dry.)
On several occasions when I have been totally immersed I have taken Fleece garments off wrung them out,re donned and they have given a high level of thermal protection.This does not work as well with wool or cotton.
The comparison in the video was with a closed cell foam suit,I'm guessing that that would be uncomfortable to wear long term due to its lack of wicking causing condensation inside suit.