Colvic Craft boat types?


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13 Oct 2003
Hello people,
I'm glad to be back. SWMBO has just had a spell in the local 'MRSA Sanctuary' so haven't been able to involve myself as much as I would usually. Hope I've been missed !!!!
So onward...... As some of you know I've been trying to learn how to create a web site for Colvic owners for the past 9 months (and thanks to the 1800 plus visitors so far on the temporary site).
Have finally got to the bit where I am including all the pages and links that I want, I could use a bit of help sorting out just what all the models are that were made under the Colvic banner by various different builders etc. My list goes like this at the moment: Amazon, Atlanta, Countess, Fisherman, Northener, Seaworker, Sailor, Victor, Watson and suggestions of the respective sizes in each of these classes.
Was the UFO a Colvic? and what others and sizes.
Any help would be gratefully received as usual and apologise for putting it on all 3 forums but I want to make sure I reach as many formites as possible.
Also does anyone have line drawings or brochures etc that I could use to create drawings depicting each type. Copies or return secure post will be paid for.
Many thanks /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif