Check engine alarm from evc regal 2565 volvo d3 diesel -2006/7

george unthank

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27 Jun 2012
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I have a Regal 2565 D3 diesel engine - year 2006/7 180 hours on clock
I' m getting a '' CHECK ENGINE'' signal from my EVC immediately after the ignition has been switched on and has run through its paces of its own computer system. I have checked all fluids from engine oil to coolant - 5 fluids in all- 6 including fuel - ; they are all within normal range . I crank the engine and she starts without a problem . No white or black smoke noted . No odd smells.
This started earlier this week on her first trip of the season . I took her up to the recommended temp before revving up to her max speed ; 27 mph.
I get to 18 mph (about ) and she drops speed and revs immediately . when this happened initially I cut engine , dropped anchor and checked fluids again . When I went to start her on battery 1 ( there is a port and starboard engine - it is recommended you start engine at ''ALL'' position then switch to 1 or 2 for charging purposes .)
Battery1 was practically dead , she started with 2 bats - ALL position , and I made my way back 3 miles to my club at 5 mph . and replaced bad battery .
Since then she displays this engine alarm ''CHECK ENGINE'' - despite getting new battery and running get a short distance a few times.

I have put this problem to the forum here without the more recent observations , so may I thank auk who kindly did reply and offer their v sound advice.
I am re- articulating the problem from a slightly different perspective . Your contributions have been very insightful
You will find my previous post under George unthank
Do I simply have to get a Volvo Penta mechanic with a diagnostic computer kit .?
Or is there anything I can check before ''importing '' a Volvo mechanic in as there are none in my area , and the other mechanics do not have the \Volvo software .
If it is a question if getting a Volvo mechanic -so be it
Any advice appreciated


27 Aug 2012
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The dead battery might be a clue, what voltage do you see across each battery when the engines are running? EVC should show you this, and on mine gives a better reading than the analogue gauge. Failing this use a voltmeter. I assume the belts are at a suitable tension per the handbook?

You ought to be able to acknowledge the fault (push the large EVC knob), and may get more detail there by turning the knob to scroll through any faults. Have you got the manual? I have a PDF otherwise


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12 Nov 2009
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Be aware, that with the EVC system, if such an error message shows and the engine goes into "limp" mode, pressing the reset button will sometimess, but not always reset things even if forward or reverse gear is already selected and the throttle is in an advanced position. Very easy to do with the earlier throttle lever assembly which seemed to have been lifted from a 10 HP yacht application and fitted to a 300 HP outdrive applications,. Seriously scary and potentially very dangerous indeed ; and they didn't even fit a kill cord as standard then !. Shameful.


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1 Apr 2007
Before you do any more get a new battery fitted , based on years sorting D3 faults id say the check engine error is low output voltage from the alternator .

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