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11 Jan 2002
Hi all.
I thinking of buying a chartplotter for attachment to wheel pedestal in cockpit.

I'm not sure whether to start with the process by deciding on the hardware or
the software.
I know that Garmin are well thought of but then one is tied to using
their chart software "bluetooth" plus I think Mapsource.
Alternatively I've heard of Maptech or Navionics or C-Map.
I must admit if not already obvious this is greek to me.
My sailing area initially would be UK Ireland possibly Med.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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16 May 2001
Berkshire, Somerset, Hampshire
PBO ran useful articles at the back end of last year that would give you a lot of the information you need. Use the 'Indexes' section on the bottom navigation bar, enter PBO in the magazine section, 2001 in the year section and chart plotter in the keyword section, hit search and you'll get links showing you which issues and how to order copies of the features if you require.

I would personally start with looking at the cartography...the software. For fixed new chartplotters the choices are C-Map, Navionics and Bluechart. The first two are used by several manufacturers; the last is unique to Garmin but is based on PC Transas charts. Maptech is a PC format.

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