Chalkida bridge, Evia


29 May 2008
Midlands -a long way from the sea!
Spent a couple of days in Chalkida last week. Pilot books are all out of date for the procedure to go through.
OLNE, the Evia Ports Authority now run things.
Price is fixed (whatever your length) at 35 Euros or 61 Euros on a Sunday. As the bridge normally opens in the wee small hours that's Saturday night that's expensive!
Report to the OLNE office on the commercial quay just south of the bridge to pay. About 5 places have been provided there with elec/water points (payment card required) to berth alongside either before or after going through.
Alternatives on the south side are anchoring in the large bay or finding a berth in the yacht club marina just south of the commercial quay. In theory, the south side of the first pontoon is for visitors, but most of the places had been taken by long stay folks (gone home for July/August). However, if you ask, the yacht club staff will offer you a spare place in the marina, if there is one. A good temporary place for a 40 footer is on the wall between the 1st and 2nd pontoons.
On the north side you're still stuck with the half dozen places alongside and adjacent to the seafront tavernas and bars.
Cost to stay anywhere except on anchor is 0.27 Euros per metre per day!
A road sign on the bridge gives the estimated opening time.
All passage instructions are given over the VHF, as usual



13 Nov 2002
When we went through last August, we rafted alongside the quay at the North side and were not charged for that (only had to pay for the bridge) - we did not stay there overnight though. Anchoring in the bay to the South after you get through (in the night) is fine (and free). A bit of a bun fight getting through the bridge as some of the locals jump the queue (and I suspect not all of them paid as they were not called on the VHF and there seems to be no check).