carib'n charter - BVI but where else?


11 Jan 2002
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carib\'n charter - BVI but where else?

We've "done" the BVI rather a lot. Anyone done anywhere else? We liked being out of hot marinas, better at anchorages in the cool. What about Antigua to Guadaloupe, and crusise around there? Any anchorages? Or loads? Or St Lucia, then where? Don't want to scare wifey too much with lumpy ocean Antigua-Guadaloupe, so mebbe fly then potter?


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22 Nov 2001
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Re: carib\'n charter - BVI but where else?

How about Grenada. Lots of bays on the south side, very sheltered sail up the lee side of the island, short hop to Carriacou, (avoid underwater volcano), another short sail to Union and from there not far to the beautiful Tobago Keys. If you have time some more great islands are only a few hours apart: Mayreau, Canouan, Mystique and Bequia. I think some charteres allow you to take a boat in Grenada and return it in Union or so.

I think that next to the BVI this area is the easiest sailing.

Antigua is nice and has some great anchorages and you could go around it, but be careful on its north side. Despite the load of boats in English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour, the anchorages seem not crowded at all.

But if Antigua alone isn't enough for what your are looking for, it get harder from there. It's easy to go to St. Barts or St. Kitts, but hard to get back.
Only Barbuda is easy both ways, but you have to time your arrivals, so you can get in with the sun in your back.

Going south to Guadeloupe is longer and nice anchorages are further apart.

Finally, getting a boat in St. Martin and sailing to Anguilla is easy and very nice. Also from St. Martin it is not too hard to reach St. Barts or on the way there a nice anchorage at Isle de Fourge.

Enjoy, it's nice sailing there.


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16 May 2001
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Re: carib\'n charter - BVI but where else?

The Grenadines are the next area you should explore. You can try a there and back passage from Grenada and up through the Grenadines to Bequia and back, or do a one-way charter up to St Vincent and/or St Lucia or vice versa. There are many wonderful anchorages, particularly ion teh Grenadines (Mayrou, Tobago Cays, Union Island, Carriacou etc) plus some reasonably demanding sailing, specially between Bequia and St Vincent and St Vincent and St Lucia. However, it is warm, the seas, though often big, are usually on the beam and you make fast progress.

Alternatively you could try going north from St Lucia to Martinique, Dominica and Guadeloupe. Better food and more demanding sailing but also some very good anchorages.

Both these areas are more 'raw' than the very civilised and westernised BVI. This has advantdages and disadvantages. The sailing is undoubtedly more interesting and exciting and runs ashore more colourful.

The season is pretty much the same as teh BVI. It is popular over Christmas and the New Year though the best weather is probably in February, MArch, April and May. It becomes less reliable through June and July as the hurricane season approaches and it is a no-no from August through to October and maybe even November.

I am sure you will get posts from others who will recommend their own favourites from this rich cruising ground.



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30 May 2001
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Re: thanks

JJ's right - the next best area to cruise without scaring the family would be the Grenadines. Either Pick up a boat in Martinique or St Lucia and head south, or start in Grenada and work up to, say, Bequia.

I've just returned from a trip from Martinique to Guadaloupe, stopping at Dominica. The latter is going back in time and is so far completely unspoilt. The people are really friendly, but don't expect luxury restaurants etc. Also the anchorages can be open to swell making the nights a tad rocky. Scenery is stunning and I would recommend you take a ride inland to visit the falls and rain forest.

We spent Christmas in Isles des Saintes, just South of Guadaloupe. This is a safe anchorage and is rather like a small town in provence. Good food on the main island and lots of cosy anchorages on the others for hiding away during the day.

Marie Galante is also worth a visit - some really nice bays for swimming, snorkelling etc, but a little open to swell at night should the wind get up.

The Grenadines are very pretty, but also very crowded in mid season and the boat boys can be a little tiring!

Happy sailing.