By How Much Do You Slow Down In Fog?


16 May 2001
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I have yet to make my first voyage to the C I and , following the recent fatal accident between Condor and a fishing vessel, wonder by how much one should reduce speed where visibilty is severley reduced.

No one buys radar till they have had a bad time in fog, then they all buy radar.

The speed thing is not really answerable as it depends on so many factors.

Once threaded my way from sea into Falmouth marina, never saw a thing, till I found the empty space in the marina.


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8 Apr 2007
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Fowey... after we found the bouy...

Deleted User YDKXO

Now, that's scary.
Which equipment did you have at that time, and how big were waves?
I've never experienced - in any decent sea condition - a totally missing target, even with my 15 yrs old Furuno. Not even the smallest RIBs.
Actually, radar problems are often due to the fact that fine tuning for the specific needs/conditions is not trivial. Much more worth investing some time on learning that, rather than forking out money for the latest technologies available, IMHO.

Actually Mapism I do have quite a lot of experience using small boat radar. Before I moved to the Med, I spent many years boating in the UK and fog is a regular occurence in UK waters. In both the cases I mentioned, it was a head on situation with 2 small yachts and the sea state was flat. In a head on situation, the cross sectional area presented to the radar beam is minimal and with the irregular shape of a yacht, sometimes the radar will not detect such craft even if you do as I do and optimise the controls (I normally dont just rely on the auto setting) and go up and down the ranges. In one of these situations, the yacht passed close enough to my boat that we could have reached out and touched it. I can still see the shocked faces of the crew now many years later:eek:
The fact is that you cannot rely on radar to detect every object out there that might be a danger to your boat. Yes the radar will sometimes detect very small targets like birds and crab pots but at other times it will miss small boats. FWIW, I have usually had Furuno equipment on my boats and I think their equipment is as good as any

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