Broken Gears in Volvo raw water pumps


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21 Jun 2004
Decided to sevice the boat myself for the first time with the help of a friend who was originally a marine engineer.

Phandango is a 5 year old boat with 600 hours and twin Volvo 63Ps, we noticed a small leak in the Port seawater pump so we took it off and as well as the shaft not running true (reason for the leak) the gear within the pump was showing serious signs of wear.

We decided to check the Starbord side as well, although there was no apparent problems and lo and behold that gear was in a worse condition, but no other apparent problems within the pump. If we had decided to leave the slight leak, which would probably have been the case if I wasn't doing it myself, another 50 hours or so would possibly have resulted in 2 mashed engines and a big big bill.

There is no requirement in the service plan to inspect these components and no normal reason to go through the hassle of removing them.

Do you think 600 hours is a reasonable lifespan for these components or, as we suspect did Volvo have a batch with a manufacturing fault? Has anyone else with a engines of similar age / usage seen the same problem?



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7 Jan 2005
I think AQAD 41 uses the same pump as 63L/63P.
My port pump leaked after 1020 hours, changed the seals only to port year 2000. Works perfectly now.(over 600 hours since seal change)
Slight leak to Starboard pump seals and gear changed 2005 (I decided to change Gears/bearings as slight wear visable but I am sure another 500 hours would have been fine but you never know)
AQAD 41 revs to 3900 but I think the same pump if not please disregard.