bow thruster techniques


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19 Jan 2011
I have just acquired a Quicksilver 700 Weekender. I am single handed most of the time so getting into moorings on a pontoon or rafting up against a similar boat is important to me. Previously I have had an outboard engined boat then an inboard shaft driven boat. I developed techniques for these that mostly worked but the Quicksilver is a little bigger and has more windage.

My first thoughts are to approach the pontoon at an angle with minimum rudder and use the thruster to bring the bow away so that I end up parallel with the pontoon, reverse the engine to take way off and make fast, initially from a cleat amidships.

I will fit a rudder position indicator so I know where the rudder is. On my previous boats I could see what rudder I had on. On the Quicksilver I can't.

Comments please