books for sale


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22 Mar 2003
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the following books are for sale as a job lot. £150 plus postage or buyer collects from Southampton.
all in very good condition.


The peter Pye Omnibus (Red mains'l, the sea is for sailing,a sail in the forest, backdoor to brazil) hardback, no dustcover.

Red Mains'l. Peter Pye. hardback with dustcover.

my lively lady. Alec Rose. hardback with dustcover.

Shrimpy Sails Again. Shane Acton. Hardback with dustcover.

Gipsy Moth Circles the World. Francis Chichester. Hardback with dustcover.

solitary journey. Charles violet. hardback with dustcover.

The old man and the sea. Hemimway. hardback no cover.

The Epic Voyage of the Seven Little Sisters. William Willis. Hardback with Dustcover.

HMS Bounty. Alexander McKee. Hardback with dustcover.

Yachtmaster. Langley-Price/Ouvry. Hardback glossy.

Navigation. An RYA Manual. Hardback glossy.

Self Steering Under Sail. Peter Forthmann. Hardback glossy.

Cruising. Coastwise and Beyond. Colin Jarman. Hardback glossy.

Complete Competent Crew Guide. Howard Cheadle. Hardback Glossy.

all below softbacks.

Come Aboard. Eric Hiscock.

Brazil and Beyond. Annie Hill.

Sailing My Dream. Dick Allen.

Up Aloft with Old Harry. Des Sleightholme.

Funny Old Life. Des Sleightholme.

Voyaging the Pacific. Miles Hordean.

Return to Murmansk. Henry Swain.

Boat Interior Construction. Michael Naujock.

Victory. Conrad.

Heart of Darkness. Conrad.

Hornblower Goes to Sea. C. S Forrester.

Castaway. Lucy Irvine.

The Incredible voyage. Tristran Jones.

The Improbable Voyage. Tristran Jones.

Adrift. Steve Callaghan.

A Winter Away From Home. Rayner Unwin.

Dove. Robin Lee Graham.

Lionheart. Jesse Martin.

Letters From High Latitudes. Lord Dufferin.

12 Bolitho titles by Alexander Kent.

North to the Night. Alvah Simon.


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13 Nov 2003
Would you consider offers for some of them? I've read most but I'd be interested in 3 or 4 of them. PM me if you are.