Is there a standard form/agreement for shared boat ownership? I can't find anything on the RYA site - might be reduced to phoning them! - but I'm sure that even if such a form doesn't exist there must have been some article in one of the magazines sometime detailing all the areas to cover. I'm aware of all the usual problem areas but it would be nice to get some further info.


The most reliable method is to get the vessel regestered under Part 1. It used to be done on Lloyds Shipping Register. That way the vessel is divided into 64 shares and the respective owners are alloted the shares purchased, ie; three person may be two lots of 16 and one of 32, or if you prefer, buying a quarter share would give you 16 shares. Under this method it is not possible for one owner on his own to sell the boat without the signatures of the others. I think this duty, like the SSR has been taken over by the Dept of Transport, Cardiff.
Hope this is of use.
PS. It is also useful in cases of theft, boats details on Shipping Register.


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16 May 2001
Re: boatshare - shares

Yes the RYA do have a standard form of agreement as Andrew says. It's not perfect but it's ok (I mean, it says what each person shall/shall not do, but it contains no remedies for non-compliance).

If you boat share then part 1 registration is probably the right answer. But Red Sailor is most wrong on one point he makes about shares. It is absolutely not true that one shareholder automatically cannot sell his shares without the agreement of the other shareholders. To get that effect you would need to hold the shares jointly, which you wd probly not choose as survivor takes all in event of death. So, if the possibilty of your sharer selling his share worries you, you need to write pre-emption rights or wotever into the boat share agreement (which the RYA form does), with a suitable remedy for non-compliance (which the RYA form doesn't)

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